Organic cotton PILLOWCASES by La petite Leonne


The luxe of 4 layers of organic cotton gauze. The feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

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Imagine sleeping on a soft cocoon, and wake up with a beautiful skin and the happiest mood ever? We don't think enough about the fact that we spend almost a third of our life sleeping, and should choose our pillowcases carefully!

Our pillowcases are made from 4 layers of organic cotton mousseline. They are soft and cloudy to offer you the best sleep possible and be gentle on the skin. The material we choose to make this product is very special and gives the feeling of a gentle caress on the face. You know the ones who instantly transform your day? I like to say that sleeping on those pillowcases are like sleeping on a cloud. Or what I imagine it would be!

Our product are colored with flowers, nuts and roots only. Meaning no toxic dyes gracing your face night after night (as it should be!).

Did you know that this product was inspired by our customer? Every time I was meeting you, someone would ask for a bedding collection. By suggesting this collection, they contributed of changing the nights of a lot of my customers, and I am very thankful for that!


Organic cotton
Naturally dyed with plants

Care instructions
Machine washable at the cold cycle
Air dry or tumble dry at low temperature

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☁️  Made of 4 layers of Organic Cotton gauze, they are the softest and the cloudiest material to sleep on. Honestly, the feeling when you touch them is nothing compared to plain cotton. Imagine entering a soft cocoon and spending a resting night, finally...

I absolutely hate when my pillow doesn't stay in the pillowcase, that's why I imagined a large inside flap to keep the pillow in place, night after night.

🌿 Colored with plants only in our Montreal studio. Because no toxic dyes should ever be allowed in the room we spend so much time in.

🧺 They are machine washable and get their natural crinkled effect when they spend a little time in the dryer. No ironing is necessary!

😍  The good news is that they are beautiful and minimalist. No need to change your entire beddings, they will go with everything you have. Save money and waste!

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