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Notre engagement pour la durabilité

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is one of the core values at La petite Leonne. I know what you may think, as the word is overused right now by companies that sometimes take it lightly. We don’t. For us, it's part of the company's DNA. In fact, it's one of the reasons why I created La petite Leonne, when I had my first daughter. I wanted to incorporate into our daily lives products that were healthy for her and for us, designed in respect of the planet and the people who produce them. 

Voici comment cet engagement se reflète dans ce que nous faisons au quotidien:

We choose our fibers carefully. 


We are committed to using only natural fibers: GOTS-certified organic cotton and a blend of organic cotton and bamboo rayon for the kids' collection. Woven in double (or quadruple) gauze, these fabrics are breathable, stay very soft and are plush for an absolute comfort, even in the long term (no more itchy fabrics!).

We only use natural dyes

This is our raison d'être, our most important work, our greatest commitment: to use only plants to dye our products. Nature offers us underestimated gifts and the alchemy of natural pigments allows us to create an infinite palette, harmonious and unique to each bath.

We work with local seamstresses and in small batches

Producing in small batches allows us to limit waste and avoid inventory sales liquidation. As natural dyeing is not an exact science, we sometimes have products with small imperfections: we add them to the "almost perfect" section of our website, at a discount, so as not to waste fiber.

Our color palette is limited and gender-neutral

We have made a conscious decision to limit the number of colors we work with: again, this is to limit the quantities produced but also to have a range of products that match each other perfectly. No need to change napkins because you have a new tablecloth: each product we offer can live a long life within your walls.

We are committed to using our fabric scraps as much as possible

Nothing goes to waste: every little piece of fabric is put aside to have a second life. Discover our zero waste collection here.

We give a second life to your products thanks to a dyeing service

Have your products lost their color, have they been left in the sun for too long or have they been washed with an aggressive detergent? We give them a second life with a re-dyeing service.

Thank you for helping us to be part of the change, because every gesture counts for a sustainable and responsible consumption.