It's small but gives a huge feeling of well-being

Dive into a rejuvenating sleep with our luxurious aromatherapy eye pillows, cherished by our customers as a nightly must-have for restful slumber. Not just for sleep, these pillows are a trusted companion for soothing migraines. If you're seeking both rest and relief, your quest is over.

Precisely handcrafted in our Montreal atelier, our cushions are artistically dyed using natural plant extracts, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly elegance.

Pause, explore our range, and unveil your ultimate sleep and migraine solution.

Our clients LOVE them

My nights were restless until I discovered this cushion. Now I sleep like a baby. I recommend it to everyone

I'm amazed at the difference this little pillow has made. I fall asleep faster and wake up much more rested.


The workmanship is exceptional. I'm delighted to know that these cushions are made locally with such care

Daniel L.

Le pouvoir de la relaxation profonde