La petite Leonne is based in Montreal. We make sustainable goods for modern families. Our creations are gentle on the environment and designed to last.

All our products are made in Montreal by trusted seamstresses with whom we have been collaborating since our beginnings.

La petite Leonne was born out of a desire to make the world a better place for our children. We work hard to produce in the cleanest and most caring way possible. This involves slow production: all dyeing is made with plants in our Montreal workshop and our products are sewn by our local partners. Our waste is reduced as much as possible and our fabric scraps are reused in smaller pieces (makeup remover pads, hair bows, decorative garlands...).

Marie, the founder, had the idea for La petite Leonne at the birth of her daughter. Anxious to find non-toxic products for her young family, she started working on high-end and durable products that would be entirely dyed with plants. It quickly became a passion and the first collection launched in December 2018 on Etsy.

Creating beautiful colors without harming the environment or those who wear them has become her mission.

Thank you for participating in this great optimistic movement. We believe that now is the time to change things, by changing our ways of consuming. By paying attention to materials, manufacturing processes and by being the change. It is together, through small gestures, and asking ourselves the right questions that we will make great strides. And we'll be there to help you along the way, step by step.