MASKS from La petite Leonne

Our masks are made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with plants in our studio in Montreal. The fabric is smooth and comfortable against your skin.

Masks have adjustable ties and contoured body for close-to-the-face fit for comfort and protection.

Each mask is machine washable and has a pocket for a replaceable filter for a maximum protection.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Adult (S/M)
  • Adult (M/L)
  • Kids (3-7 yo)

CDC recommends children under 2 should not wear a mask.

Choosing the right size

For size, measure the distance between the bridge of the nose to chin:




4 1/4"

7 1/2"

Adulte (S/M)


7 3/4"

Adulte (M/L)

5 1/2"


How to care for you mask?

Masks should be washed between each use. Wash with similar colors and air dry or tumble dry at low temperature. Mask must be completely dry before wearing it.

All our products are hand-dyed with plants in our Montreal studio. The beauty of natural dyeing is that it makes each piece unique and the colors change over time. Variations in colors and small imperfections are an integral part of the process.

To ensure that your purchase will live a long and colorful life, follow the washing instructions below :

  • Avoid environmentally friendly detergents that contain sodium carbonate ("soda crystals"). Most commercial detergents are made to remove stains that have been created by nature. Avoiding them will extend the life of your products.
  • Do not use fabric softeners that affect the pH.
  • Dry at low temperature in the dryer or away from direct sunlight.

How is my mask protecting me?

Our masks are for personal uses only. These are not direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not FDA approved. Masks are final sale, and returns will not be accepted for sanitary reasons.

Should I add a filter?

To increase the protection offered by the mask, you can choose to add a disposable or reusable filter in the pocket filter. You can make a filter at home, the ideal being to choose a tightly woven fabric. You can tell if your fabric is woven tight enough by placing it facing the light. If the light passes through, it is not a good candidate.

Wearing your mask

a. adjust it so that it sticks well to your face;
b. don't touch your mask when wearing it;
c. don't touch your eyes;
d. change mask your mask if humid
e. wash your hands before and after putting your mask on;
f. don't share your mask with others;
g. wash it after each use;
h. social distancing is essential.

how can I buy a mask?

Our mask are available online and ship within 1-2 weeks. We do our best to send them to you as quickly as possible while working in compliance with the health standards in place. You can place an order here.