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How to take care of plant-dyed products?

How important is the pH of the laundry?

The pH is an indicator of the acidity of a substance on a scale of 0 to 14. Natural pigments are very often influenced by pH, which will change their colors, so we recommend using a pH neutral detergent to preserve the color of your naturally dyed textiles.  


Care instruction for plant-dyed products  

Why do you need to avoid sodium carbonate?

Most natural detergent are designed to remove stains from nature and contains sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate will remove the dye as it was a stain, avoiding it will allow colors to last longer..

How can I remove stains on a naturally dyed product?

Immerse the textile in cold water with mild detergent. Let it soak to dissolve the stain. It is always easier to remove a stain that has just been made. Bleaching agents (such as soda ashes or sodium peroxide) should be avoided on products dyed with plants. They will make the color disappear. .

You stained your product and are not able to remove it? The best thing is to camouflage it by dyeing it again. Contact us and we will help you do so! 


Here are some exemple of natural detergent that are soft for your plant-dyed products. 

- Bean & Lily 
- Bio Vert
- Bio-D
- Dr. Bronner


See our instruction care section for more information.

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