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Pourquoi les plantes sont essentielles à une vie saine?

Why a healthy home should have indoor plants

4 good reasons to have indoor plants at home:

Air  - The air quality in our homes is not necessarily healthy, it remains rather poor, especially in the city. It is by improving the insulation of the houses that the quality of the ambient air has decreased. That's why it's important to add greenery to your decor. For a more ecological house, while purifying its ambient air, it is enough to add a minimum of one plant per 10 meters.

Reduces stress and fatigue - Today, more than a quarter of the population experiences stress or chronic fatigue on a daily basis. A study conducted by the University of Kansas in a hospital center proves that plants improve health. The healing process is faster, patients have a lower heart rate, there is less anxiety among people working in the building and there is less spread of viruses. All thanks to indoor plants!

Headaches - For those who suffer from headaches on a regular basis, a study done by Professor Tøve Fjeld in Norway shows that there is a 23% decrease in minor ailments such as headaches, dry skin and eye stinging when plants are added to the environment. It is much easier and more natural to add plants to your environment than taking headache medication.


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Meditative Exercise - Taking care of your plants is a very relaxing and even meditative exercise. It is a task that allows you not only to take care of your plants, but also to take care of yourself.

Do you have plants at home?

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